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Five Great CTA's That Increase Engagement

You want to catch your audience’s attention, then you will need a strong call to action, or CTA. To put it simply, a call to action encourages people to perform a certain task, to engage with content in a specific way. A strong call to action has the power to turn a passive viewer into an active participant.

With that in mind, the CTA is more than just an impersonal list of demands or requests. It is an intentional structure message that considers the POV of the audience you are trying to reach.

An estimated 71% of all businesses use Instagram as a marketing platform. Many blow it at the Call to Action because they don’t consider consumer perspectives. So, before you make another post, be sure you have a viable CTA that aligns user POV with engagement.

Here are some tips on how to do it:

1. Encourage Sharing

Ever see a photo that was so breathtaking that you wanted all of your friends to see it? Maybe you visited a website with so much good information, you didn’t want to keep it yourself. You want to provide that kind of content to your own audience. One way to encourage them to share it is by coming right out and asking in your call to action.

More engagement not only shows that your content is getting seen, it also promotes a sense of excitement among your audience. When they see that a post has been shared so many times, they are much more likely to want to join in on the fun and share themselves. It is a technique that can quite literally pay for itself after a while!

2. Don’t Just Like, LOVE

Likes are great, but they can come across as a bit impersonal, as a tepid reaction. In other words: people like your stuff, but they don’t love it. Of course, that may not necessarily be the case, but more love often means that they relate.

If you want more love, you don’t have to be evasive about it either. Be straightforward! Tell your audience to drop a HEART if they relate to your post. It is a small gesture, but it one that solidifies their identification with your message.

3. Bring in the Friends

Tagging a friend about your post may seem like a small ask, but it is really a huge one. When viewers tag their buddies, they not only expand your traffic. They endorse you! When they do that, they are potentially putting their own reputations on the line. What’s more, 92% of consumers are much more likely to trust recommendations that come from people they know well. If you can establish trust from the start, you may well come out ahead.

4. Ask For Audience Input

Asking viewers how they would react to a certain situation carries two psychological benefits. First, it forces the viewer to ruminate about possible actions and gets them excited and thinking about what you have to say. Second, it respects individual opinions, which allows people to step forward and speak their minds. People like to be heard, especially when they feel as though they are acting as an expert in some regard. This increases personal investment and makes action more probable while building community.

5. Tell Them to Tell YOU How They Feel

Inviting consumers to share their experience with your product or services personalizes and expands your post’s community even more. It says to the person who is sharing that he or she has something important to offer. Additionally, it tells the rest of your audience that you care about what they have to say.

The reason platforms like Instagram are popular is because they allow people to communicate about the things they care about while also connecting with others.

The five CTA tips offered here truly reflect that.

Just remember what you believe in and why you are asking people to respond. When you know what you have to offer and how you want your audience to approach it, you can craft a much more compelling call to action.

You Got This!


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