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How to Create Reels with Templates

It’s no secret that Reels is the way to go when it comes to reach on Instagram.

It’s also no secret that creating reels can be soooooo time consuming.

So check out this amazing time saver when it comes to creating reels!

Being able to scroll and pick through a template that is already created, is clutch.

Templates give you the option to use the same music and timing as the original reel. You simply drop your content into a template and voila! Your reel is DONE.

(Note: templates are only available for reels that include music and at least 3 clips).

Watch the tutorial video here:

Or walk through these steps:

  1. Scroll through your Reels feed

  2. Look for the “Use Template” in the bottom left over the user’s name

  3. Click “Use Template” and add your own videos in the frames

  4. Hit “Save”

Have you used this Instagram Reels feature yet?

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