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Four EASY Ways To Engage On Instagram

Looking for some quick and easy ways to engage on Instagram? I've got you covered! Read on for my top five ways to stay engaged on Instagram:

1. Instagram Stories

Here are some tips on how to stay engaged in your stories:

  • Be intentional.

  • Comment on your community's Instagram stories.

  • When you post to your story, you're loving on the people that chose to follow you.

  • Keep social media SOCIAL!

2. Your Feed

Just like with your stories, you want to be intentional. If you're not getting comments, saves and shares, then you need to go back and see if YOU'RE commenting, saving and sharing.

Do NOT blame the algorithm.

You need to be "intentionally engaging" with your community.

Don't expect engagement if you're not giving it.

3. Engage with your "Least Interacted With"

Go to your feed, then click on "Followers", click on "Least Interacted With" and engage with these accounts.

You will most likely discover some of these accounts haven't posted in months or even years! Take this as your sign to unfollow those accounts.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags aid in getting your content seen (although there is a debate about this, but that's another post)

Also, 'keywords' for finding your ideal clients and customers.

Consider engaging with 3-5 hashtags each day, or choose 1 hashtag to engage with for an entire week. There's no right or wrong way to engage using hashtags, just don't forget to use your keywords!

5. Location

Do you own a brick and mortar? If so, you should be monitoring and engaging with accounts that have tagged your location every day. Often, people forget to tag your account when posting, but will remember to tag the location. Just tap your location on IG and realize how many superfans you have! Get that conversation going, baby!

If you don't own a brick and mortar, that's ok! You can still tag or mention a location...this can help you connect with your ideal client and customer.

There are countless choices you can utilize to engage daily. Just be sure to do it!

Remember...You get what you give.

What ways are you using to engage on Instagram? Which is your favorite? Not quite sure? Book a clarity call with me today and let's get it figured out!

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